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  1. To the author (whose name does not appear), please could you clarify what your comments that the alignments on the day of sunspot creation induce an electro-magnetic code in the sunspot from the planets and planetoids that is unique for each sunspot? How do you know this? How do you measure this? And what is the basis of the code?


    1. Astrolog.


      Download program. How does it work?

      Go to Setting/ Restrictions: Restrict everything except the planets and the dwarf planets.

      Go to Setting/ Aspect Settings: Restrict Square/ Trine/ Sextile

      To calculate the Triple Line Ups

      Go to Setting/ Calculation Settings

      Fill in the name of the planet: Mercury, Venus, Mars…..

      To start: Go to Animate

      Other calculations:

      At Setting

      1) Heliocentric: Conjunctions and oppositions

      2) Sidereal Zodiac: Triple Line Ups with the Earth ans also Earth-Moon axis

      3) Trines etcetera….Aspect settings….!

      That’s it!


  2. Thanks for the explanation of your code for calculation of each sunspot as per the article.

    I was interested in another angle. If each sunspot has a unique EM code based on the planets/planetoids involved, then I was wondering if this code is also contained in the solar flares and coronal mass ejections that are fired off in solar storms at the same time as some of this material radiates out to the Earth and other planets.

    I am interested in your study as I am writing a paper on astrological mechanisms for a journal. I would like to credit all sources including yours if it is mentioned. Has any of your material been published and if so where and what is your name/pseudonym as it is customary and helpful to others if I am able to credit the author?


  3. No journal will publish this… Even if you are a high ranking astronomer, they won’t. If it comes out, it would destroy astronomy…
    You can refer to me as Sunspotlover…
    Yes the flares have a part of the code… However I need the help of mathematicians to brake everything further. Sextiles, squares, etcetera are involved in the mechanism of flares… But it is so complicated that we need computer programs…
    I have a large amount of data that I can’t publish at the moment, because Solen Info won’t allow it… And without the pictures, the Line Ups won’t say much… Like the say, a picture is a thousand words…


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